Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stories of my Life thats been shorted from year's to hour's and minute's !

Few year's of my stories been shorted in few hour's of typing and few minute's of reading !

I've been given the name Atika Lyana by my parents since i was born on 20th of July 1990 and im just a simple 20 years old teenage girl that's been through almost everything a 20 years old teenager's been through in their life's . There's nothing different about me to be compared to everybody , because every single human being in this world got their own specialitie's that been gifted by the one that create all humans and living things in this planet that we called earth . one of my gift that been given is my creativity in taking photo's also a lot more even i didn't know but i will keep on searching for it from up to bottom of me and i will find it somehow , someday . i'm the middle child from 3 sibling's , the 1st is my 22 years old brother and the last is my 2 years old little sister . my little sister actually been adopted by my mom since she was 5 month's old in her own mother body , the parents cant afford another baby to been take care because they got 2 more children that still small that need to be raise so they decide to give the 3rd child to someone that can take a good care of her and my my mother is the one that sincerely willing to raise and take a good care of the 3rd child for them as my mom own child till today and that is how i got a cute adorable little sister that's getting cleaver and naughty at the same time every single each day , months and year's she live . my dear mom is a single mother that raise my brother and me by her own self since i was 12 years old and my brother was 14 years old , she raise us for year's with her own bare of hand till me and my brother grow up from kids to adults . everyone that related to us give my dear mom support's from the back and now she's become one tough mother that been through a lot of obstacle in her life as a single mother just to take care of us , pampered us and give us the attention that we need so that we didn't feel neglected because all that me and my brother have is only my dear mother to rely on that time . few years later came my little sister in our life and the family grew from 3 to 4 person and i do cherish my little sister came in this family because she is the sun's that always shine bright for the family everyday with her chciky attitude that always make us also everyone laugh and eager at her . my mother always said me and my brother is growing up to fast so she need someone to acompany , play with her and make her laugh because she always feel alone . year's past without i notice it , through that year's lots of good and bad things happen in my life and i think my life is fully complete until someone that i didn't even see coming , came in to my life silently and make me feel like there was butterfly in my stomach and make my heart pounding like a punching bag been punch thousand of times non stops . It's true what i've been heard , if u felt that way it means the big L is there and its was right , i do fell into the big L with someone that i already know for almost 4 years now . back then he came into my life as a stranger that i know only through the telephone because my number has been given to him by one of my friend , i was furious at my friend that time and i get over it soon enough but now when the big L happen with someone that a stranger to me , i should thanking my friend for what he did 3 years back if its not because of my friend , me and him probably didn't even met matterfact we didn't even know that were exist in the same world . we spend year's only being friends and we rarely contact each other until one day i've got a hunch to text him and hangout's together then he said that he do wants to hangout with me too , when we met that night i was so suprise went i look at him because he totally change from hair to toe and a glimpse of me looking at him without he notice it . last year on 18th october 2009 its been few weeks since we started contact back , he came to my house just to acompany me because i was alone that time then suddenly something that i never expect happen , it does happen and everything that i never know about year's back been pop out that night and it does make me touched because things that pop out from his mouth is really unexpected , i was suprised by him and he do know how to conquer my heart for himself . since that day he was mine until now and i pray it will last till eternity also only death do us apart !

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